7/6/99 – Tuesday – 7:15

Alright, we’re back in Pokhara, staying at the Boardwalk Lodge or something like that. Pretty nice place, except for the huge beetles in the girls’ room last night. I wonder how well they slept. Yesterday was just the ride from Kathmandu on the half-washed-out road, dinner at the Boomerang, and team meeting. We have a new guide, but I dunno his name yet. Pretty clear here – we can see Fishtail [Machupuchre] and once in a while we can see more peaks.

Talked about trekking last night. Today is a practice trek and we leave Saturday for Beni. Talked about mental Machhapuchhre_small[1]preparation for trekking. I think I can be prepared, but I also know I need to be at the front of the pack the whole time, or most of it. That could cause problems I guess, but I don’t know why. I think if I want to stay up with Garrett and Dan then I’ll do it, and everyone else can follow. If we all want to stay in front, we’ll be one large pack, but that won’t happen. Need to find a laundry place here, but other than that I’ve frozen my spending. The flight is going to cost $60 in emergency $, and I don’t have much more than that in any money. No more email, at least not regularly. Wish I could get more money, but that wouldn’t solve everything – I’d just spend it. Good thing I got an extra $50 though. I wish we could just take the bus back to Kathmandu and skip the flight. It’s not worth $60 to me to avoid a little 6-hour bus trip. 7:30

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