7/23/99 – Friday – 22:15

One last day in Pokhara, then to KTM. Today we ate at 10:00 or so, then the girls and I went to the main city of Pokhara to go shopping. They were buying punjabis, and I was looking for a G-string =). I ended up buying a punjabi. It was a fun time. Got back at 13:30 or so, then left at 14:30 to go to the Tibetan camp for our futbol game [arranged after an informal game during our previous visit].

We started out strong – a beautiful cross from the right corner by myself, and Jimmy with the goal. Football%20with%20monks_small[1]Then one by Garrett. Then they picked it up. I had a better personal game and lots of fun. We lost 7-4 in 2 15-minute halves. Went to supper at Once Upon a Time, and stayed to watch Payback. Danielle didn’t watch, but she sat there and read Newsweek….

Anyway, church tomorrow morning. Don’t wanna go, since I hate Nepali church, being an English speaker myself who can’t sit on the floor for shit. 12 days left.

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