7/15/99 – Thursday – 6:10

Mountains [Tilicho Peak to the left and Nilgiri North in the foreground] came out this morning, so we’re all up to take pictures.


Everyone at home is gonna be like, “So, you’re in Nepal. Of course there are mountains.” But its so cloudy that it’s a treat to see any of them. We’re splitting up today, not too happy about that. Khogen, Tracy and Danielle are going to Kagbeni, then Muktinath tomorrow. The rest of us (6) are going straight to Muktinath. That gives us an extra day to acclimatize there before we go for the Thorung La. Last night none of us could sleep cuz dogs kept barking, and when I woke up at 12 or 1 I thought I shouldn’t be going to Thorung La, and I was trying to decide. But now I’m not so sure; I was kinda delirious at the time. Really, really wish Danielle and Tracy were coming with us today. I can get bored and irritated really quickly w/o them. I dunno about our intelligence in trying the Thorung La. We’re going in groups of 2, so if someone gets AMS that group goes back. It’s Jimmy and Dan, Jeremy and Heather, and Garrett and I. It’s going to be a hard day. So is today, so we’ll see how we do today.Nepal_0009-1200_small[1]

Not going to Thorung La now. Our trekking permits don’t allow us to go past Muktinath. So our new plan is Kagbeni today, then Muktinath, then Jomsom, then a day trek to the Mesokanto Pass, SE of Jomsom. It’s only 101 meters lower, and there’s a lake there, so it will be cool. Probably a greater danger of AMS, because it goes up from Jomsom’s 2713 m instead of Muktinath’s 3802 m. Kinda sucks. Oh well, we’ll still have fun.

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