7/14/99 – Wednesday – 7:04

Starting later today, cuz it’s gonna be an easy, short day. Maybe 2 hours to Jomsom. Roomed with Jeremy this time, and slept past 5 AM for once. Woke up then, but actually went back to sleep. Had a good team meeting last night after dinner. Bought a “Round Annapurna” map for Rs. 50.nepal%20backpacking%20map_small[1]

Another clear day today – it’s so beautiful here. Just have to watch out for sunburn. After the meeting we played Spades, with 4 teams of 2, using 3 decks. I left after one hand and came back here and read a little.

Went for a walk around, maybe a half-hour or so. Took some pictures and walked up to the Buddhist monastery in the middle of town. It was about 200 stairs straight up, and when I started up a kid at the top got up and ran inside. I didn’t know what to make of that. About halfway up I got scared and almost went down. I didn’t really go in too far, but almost no one was around. I saw a couple of people in one of the buildings. I took a picture and walked back.

Here are my current thoughts on everyone: [I’ll spare you, the reader, and my teammates.]Lopa%20brickwork_small[1]

[Then I listed a bunch of altitudes I think I had converted to feet from the meters on the map. Some of them are a little off, according to Wikipedia.]

Thorung La [“La” = pass]       17,770 ft.
Muktinath                               12,474
Kagbeni                                   9,515
Kaisang                                   11,155
Dhawalagiri                             26,796
Annapurna I                            26,546

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