7/13/99 – Tuesday – 16:00

I’ve never loved a town so much! We’re in Marpha. It’s famous for its apple brandy, and we walked through orchards and breweries on our way to the our guesthouse.

The guesthouse is really nice – garden, American sit-your-freakin’-ass-down toilet, and a warm shower. There aren’t mosquitoes here, it’s too dry and high. We kinda got out of the gorge, or at least the deep part. It looked like Arizona after that – brown hills spotted with green shrubbery and occasional pine trees. Sunny too, the clouds are lower, but not hot, cuz it’s a high desert. It was a pretty flat walk, and I woulda gone on to Jomsom, but this is cool. We’re here at the same time as a couple of Londoners, with great accents and all – 2 guys. Got a little burned today, but not bad at all.

Kinda random thoughts in my journals lately. Oh well. I’m looking forward to a regular routine at school, although this is fun. People pay lots of $ to do this. Of course, I’m flat broke – actually, in debt – also, but who cares? Might go walk around this town and take some pictures. It’s a cool place. Saw another peak (actually 2) [two peaks of Nilgiri] right after lunch.

Nepal_0012-1200_small[1]So beautiful, white, pure, high. This place is beautiful too, but it’s brown, dirty, and low. This is actually the cleanest town I’ve seen, however. Must be cuz it’s dry.  Nepal_0007-1200_small[1]

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