7/12/99 – Monday – 16:00

In Kalopani. Worked our asses off to get here, but the hardest part was in the morning before Ghasa. That friggin’ sucked. 45 minutes or more of stairs. Stayed behind Garrett most of the day. Jimmy was up with Dan. Sometimes Jeremy was behind me, sometimes he hung back with Heather. Tracy and Danielle usually brought up the rear with Khogan. It was a wet, cold, windy, miserable day for the most part. A little warmth after lunch in Ghasa, but it started drizzling soon. No super-bad parts of the trail. The one place Dan remembered as being really dangerous had been worked around and wasn’t bad any more. On the whole, I expected the day to be harder than it was. The big climb was bad, and so were some other parts, but afternoon was a lot easier and shorter than I expected. Dan pushed us though, and – to my great surprise – all of our team turned out to be in better shape, or at least have more balls, than I expected. We’re all hurting, but we all kept going w/o complaining. I think a danger we need to watch for is in thinking that the way down will be so easy and it discourages us if it’s harder. If that sentence doesn’t make sense it’s cuz I kept getting interrupted. I’ve got backrubs to give and receive.

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