7/11/99 – Sunday – 13:30

In Dana now. We’re going to take the afternoon off and start fresh tomorrow. It’s about an hour past Tatopani, our scheduled stop the night. Tomorrow will still be a long day, but today was hard enough. On the way to Tatopani I was second, right behind Dan. Garrett was a ways behind us, but he caught up. Slept like shit last night. Maybe 8-11, then I was awake until like 3. Then at 4:30 Jimmy got up, and he’s so freaking loud that I can’t sleep when he’s up. I’m with him again tonight, and I wish I wasn’t. The hot springs in Tatopani were flooded because a huge landslide shifted the river on top of them. Oh yeah, yesterday we had to cross one of the tributaries of the Kali Gandaki and the bridge was out. There was a cable car thing and a bamboo bridge. We took the bridge, and I have a picture of it. Today sucked after Tatopani, cuz it was all 5 guys in a group – at least we were going at the right pace – maybe a little fast, at least for me – but it was still frustrating. I liked it so much when I was 30 feet behind Dan with no one behind me for like 200 feet. It was easy mentally to be on top. But when people are crowded in front and behind me, I really struggle.

Need to take more pictures. Gonna carry my camera in my pocket or something. Some stupid canine followed us for the last hour, and Garrett keeps chasing it out of our guest house.

We stay in small villages, but it’s still in the middle of nowhere. Might go walk around a little. Could feel good without a bag on my back. We had mosquito netting last night. It worked pretty well, a little cage tucked in around the mattress, hanging from the ceiling. No such luck for tonight, but we’re leaving our windows closed to keep the mosquitoes out. Cost Rs. 40 [forty Nepali Rupees] per bed to stay here tonite. We ate a good lunch today in Tatopani – mushroom pizza again :). It was pretty bad imitation of pizza, but on the whole it didn’t taste bad. The sauce was tomato soup, and there wasn’t a whole lot of cheese or mushroom on it. The best is still the Billy Bunter restaurant in Pokhara. I think the mushrooms there combined with Northfield’s crust, sauce and cheese would be the absolute best. Maybe I should rate the pizzas. Nah, don’t think I could remember every place I’ve had it. 14:20

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